In the Classroom

We start class at 9:00 Saturday morning and are done around 4:00 We provide all your paperwork, walk you through filling it out in class and take you step by step through the entire licensing process. When you leave class, all you have to do is spend about 10 minutes  registering with the DPS and scheduling your electronic fingerprint session.

Once you mail the paperwork we completed in class to the DPS and have your fingerprints taken, you can expect to receive your license in 30 - 45 days.

At the Range

We have handguns at our range you can use if you do not own one yet.

All you need to do is purchase a box of ammunition from us (we typically sell it at cost).

If you are bringing your own gear, you will need the following:
Handgun - ANY caliber (Yes, even a .22) Semi-auto is Best
Ball cap
50 rounds of ammunition
Eye protection
Ear protection

It is a plus if you have at least a little experience with a handgun, however it
is not a requirement.

Come join us. If you want to attend, all you need to do prior to class is
register with us online. That's it!




Frequently Asked Questions

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