Defensive Rifle

This course is designed around the M4 ‐ AR‐15 \ Semi‐Auto Carbine Platform

When you have completed this course, you will have an understanding of the proper function and operation of the Semi‐Auto Carbine and will have developed confidence in yourself and your firearm.

Firing Range Drills Include:

  • Carrying Positions
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Ready Positions
  • Shooting Stance
  • Sight Alignment
  • Sight Picture and Trigger Control
  • Battle Zero with Aperture Sights
  • Shooting Positions
  • Target Engagement from 3 to 100 yards under Time Pressure
  • and much more.

Firearm and Equipment Requirements:

The weapon must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications (such as a “hair” trigger less than 4 pounds, removed trigger guard, )

The weapon`s caliber must be a rifle round of at least 56mm/.223 or larger and have an attached sling. 200 rounds of factory ammunition required. NO steel core or steel jacketed ammunition allowed.

Electronic hearing protection is mandatory

Elbow and Knee pads are strongly recommended

Some type of magazine pouch on the belt is strongly recommended If you need assistance with any of your gear, please let us know.

Age Requirements:

Minimum age is 16 if taking the course unaccompanied

Minimum age if accompanied by a parent is 12